Winter’s Vision

Adam Fardella

Published Winter 2021

With a glass-like glance I tumble ahead,

o’er the diaphanous linens ‘round my

head; they drape like a skirt that pirouettes

down Winter’s ethereal silhouette.


She spells me inside enchanting fractals,

which naturally emerge in causal

patterns. And prophesize  ̶  melting astray

figures of morrow ­ ̶  she twirls them my way.


What’s unveiled within her dazzling alights

is the hopeful clime of our now-delight;

like a jay singing to its dearest oak,

“Oh, the intimacy we’ll share!”, she spoke.


For when her silky, brazen, lips-kiss-mine,

I see my future: she’s crystalline divine.

Adam Fardella is a Waterloo alumnus, with a joint major in Kinesiology and Psychology.  Adam also enjoys literature and reading and writing poetry.  You can find Adam on IG  – @adamfardella