Swing Set

Sharanya Karkera

Published Winter 2021
I had a whole future planed out for us,
How our backyard would look,
What we’d keep in the storeroom,
How we’d cook together in the kitchen,
Even which songs would be playing on the stereo
But the they you left,
All that went away,
But not all of them, altogether.
I still had hopes and dreams.
And then when I met him,
They all came back,
with more brightness and added contrast
The backyard, the storeroom,
The kitchen and the stereo.
And a swing set,
White, like the one in Cinderella.
And there was something about
That particular swing-set
That kept leading me on to believe
That the background would change
And time would fly by
But after all those years,
We’d still be swinging and smiling
On that same creaky old swing set
With different songs playing on the stereo
And that was all I needed
To forget the memories you’d
Left in your wake
And believe in a future
Where the colour scale wasn’t grey
And maybe one day,
He’ll leave too,
But I’ll hold on to this bright picture till then
And hope that if he does,
There’ll come another,
Carrying with him a brighter picture
And a different swing set.