Raison d’Être

Ishita Ananth Krishnan

Published Winter 2021

I write to save my soul,

To breathe the air of ink and crisp paper,

Rather than the fumes of an ambiguous tomorrow,

To bring letters into existence on a screen,

Rather than tasting the greed that seeps from prying eyes.

I write to avoid the damnation of a wordless existence,

To allow the light that escapes from these shaky fingers to shine,

To embolden the shadows attempting to invade the feeble heart

Of a young body,

And wipe them from existence through this blinding faith.

I write to enjoy the freedom of writing,

Of releasing passions intense as the art of words,

Of flooding my emotions through the gates of expression,

As they open to welcome the stream of words that trickle in,

Seemingly untouched by the waves

I write to create a place for my soul to rest,

In the arms of beloved family and friends,

But also, in the embrace of poetry,

A word of only six letters,

That gives meaning to more than six thousand –

I write to you.

While this is an older piece of mine, I always come back to it when I feel uninspired or lost. This poem reminds me that no matter where I am, what I am doing, or how I change, the fever that comes with writing and reading will always be there. I hope reading this makes at least one person feel the same way too.