Project Description

Published Spring 2020

Gaba is in their 2nd year of Arts, majoring in Psychology. They have provided the following statement for their piece:

I am Kritika, a second-year undergraduate student in the Arts program. Since childhood I had this huge fascination towards art, and to convert this fascination into reality I started learning different art styles. Now I have my own art account on instagram named @artNsoul3217 which really helps me put my art in front of a huge audience and receive their opinions and suggestions on my work, which further helps me to improve. I love taking challenges because it makes me enhance my skills.

The art present above is named “Kathakali, the Kerala Dance Art”, which is a very unique and colorful artwork. Kathakali is a classical Indian dance. It is another ‘story play’ genre of art, but one distinguished by elaborately colorful make-up, costumes and facemasks that the traditionally male dancers wear.

The mediums used in the painting are acrylic paints and gelly roll pens.