Project Description

Published Spring 2020

Gaba is in their 2nd year of Arts, majoring in Psychology. They have provided the following statement for their piece:

My name is Kritika Gaba. I’m in my second year in Honours arts majoring in Psychology. Art has a very special place in my heart, and I’m proud to be an Artist. Since childhood, I have been drawing, from walls to papers to Canvases, I have explored plethora of art styles and mediums and I look forward to learn more. I put my art and soul into my work. For me, Art is like a therapy where I can just pour my heart into a beautiful piece of art. I have my own art account on instagram named @artNsoul3217 .

Kalamkari art is the Ancient indian art of organic fabric. As the name suggests, Kalamkari art is made with the help of kalam(pen). It found its peak in the wealthy Golconda sultanate, Hyderabad in middle ages. In this art work, the peacock is filled with Zectangular art. The art piece is drawn using unipin pens and micron pens. Also used water color for the background.