Learn From You

Ben Crasto

Published Fall 2020

You taught me about all the faults in your history,

You say that you don’t really believe you’re meant for me,

Nineteen, mind over nothing but your memories,

But I can see that we have the better chemistry,

Than the molecules existing in this universal mess,

I can learn to put you first like my name on a test,

My heart accelerates at rates indescribable,

The physics behind it are so supernatural,

I heard you like math, well attempt to graph this,

My heart cannot function without your axis,

I just want our relation to reach the next degree,

As we grow exponentially, we form perfect symmetry,

Beautifully unusual, the usual is usually,

Far from what it used to be, I know you that you are true to me,

And I may report my cards very foolishly, stupidly,

But probability shows the odds that we could end in unity,

So if it takes me an eternity, I promise I will learn to be,

The perfect person for you, and for everything concerning me,

I don’t need to pass an exam to prove to you that I’m your man,

I can’t fail to get to your heart so that’s exactly the plan,

My life project, no regrets, been living in my books,

Studying the movements every cranny every nook,

There’s nothing I can’t prove that these essay works can do,

All I need to succeed is to learn from you.


Crasto is in their 2A term of AFM and they compose poetry and short stories as well as produce music. You can find them on Instagram as @bencrasto. You can find his music and beats on SoundCloud.