Drunk at the Last Campaign Party

Jared Cubilla

Published Fall 2020

And the halitosis darkness monarchy stepped down, finally
Greeting our mouthwashed figures of light with a condescending “goodbye”.
And the pin-up pedestal prophets cried out in brilliant prayer:
“We have a new kind king! Finally we may heartily sing our showtunes
And sigh of relief!” We happy bougie revolutionaries ring out
In the streets of Philadelphia, carrying funny little signs with our slogans
And government marijuana. It smells sort of good, doesn’t it? The mold is remolding,
The men are emboldening in their little trash can, moving into smaller mansions
And relegating themselves away for a while, their registrations to the club
Re-expired, renewals delayed. Those bad apples are rotting again, thank God,
And so maybe now they’ll finally listen to the goddamn doctor, to the cardiologist
Landlord evicting the cancers and recoloring our insides white. Let’s go for a drive
And plow our new Mercedes into another abandoned factory, let’s greet the
Sun with a mellow “hello” and sleep inside our studio apartments when it rains,
And let’s picnic in the cities of brimstone, into towns of dumpster fire, and let’s just
Shoot this stupid bird already and hang out while the gunless hang in the distance.


Cubilla is in their 2A term of English Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication at the University of Waterloo.