Ketyusha Das

Published Winter 2021

I sat in the sun

On a rainy day

I had no home

But found a place to stay

Tended to the fire

It’ll keep me warm

But I kept my distance

For things could go wrong

Picked up a shovel

Moved some snow

Even though I liked it

Better before

Cooked some meat

But I ate it raw

Chose the rarer

A popular thought

Begged the sun

To arise

Danced with the rain

For the glaring eyes

Stayed up screaming

Through the night

Claimed to love

Love the full Moon’s light

Now I sit back

It’s reflection time

Only to ask

Is this reflection mine?

I sat in the sun

On a windy day

Tied me up

So I won’t sway

Tried to make a fire

It’s warmth I craved

But the wind was stronger

Last straw was too brave

Picked up a shovel

And dug a grave

If no one died

corpses could be made

Killed for meat

But it had some flaws

Starved the night

Ate up the stars

I hissed at the sun

I Love the moon

Need the darkness

In order to bloom

No one hears me

In the night

I get blinded

By the daytime’s light

Now I sit back

It’s reflection time

Only to ask

Why there’s no light

Last I remember of

The girl that used to be

She sat in the sun

Wanting to leave

She sat with the devil

Near a deep blue sea