Jacob Neal

Published Winter 2021

An Acorn.

Mistakes attributed to inefficacy,

Rather than inadequacy.



Those fertile grounds,

In which contempt is sown.


A Sprout.

The separate events,

Spliced into a jigsaw of blame.


A Sapling.


Towards the un-accusers.


An Oak.

Mature enough,

To bear unhealthy acorns of its own.


A Forest.

Of misty minds so dense,

Unperceived on account of all the trees.

Jacob Neal is in his 4A term of English Literature and Rhetoric.  On his poem: “Cycles is a poem about how people can get stuck in a way of thinking or a certain perception, and how some ideas create their own confirmation bias and continue to grow in an unhealthy way.” You can see more of Jacob on Instagram: @jacob_d_neal