bird     song

Jared Cubilla

Published Spring 2020

takes lots of effort                   build a nest.
right twig wrong time               destruction death
does it fit here?               no. find one more
discard discord distend your word and help me build this nest the eggs
the eggs are hatching soon.

you’ve got to help me mate, you’ve got to help
the eggs are hatching soon and when the moon
strikes one the moon strikes two it melts the woods back into glue
the wolves, the foxes, bigger birds will ask for help and snatch our herd
and string and strike and scalp and steal away the eggs
are hatching soon.

debate there’s no debate i’ll die before your damned debates do deeds
this nest needs sticks. needs twigs. needs eggs. needs more
until it’s time to rest                 no sleep til death
i sing to thee you’ve got to build this nest with me
i sing to thee               please sing with me. please sing please me the
eggs are hatching


Cubilla is in their 2A term of English Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication.

Their spacing in this poem is intentional.