Wuv (Love∞)

by Varun Batta

The constant exchange of messages,
An endless list of “To:” and “From:”
Only one name can fill that place
And allow a rush of emotions to come

You always lead to complete excitement
I get eager to see what next you will say
Opening it up, a touch of angst fills my heart
Reading it though, you push all that away

Yearning for a real connection,
I searched and somehow found you
Ever since, my heart and mind drive me
To show you that dreams do come true

You bring a fire to my soul,
I gain power by just the thought
Of you and I being truly together
That is what I truly sought

Passion enflamed, urges fulfilled
By someone special, someone like you
Worries calmed, angst subsided
At the moment we met and it was true

You lead to feelings remarkably strong
I think I cannot express with just love
My true desire is love of an infinite strength
I know! What I feel is what I call wuv