“VISION” by Samantha Cachia

The painting I created was meant to express the different ways organisms sense the world, in this case, through sight. On the left side of the piece, it displays half a landscape the way humans visualize and see colour. Contrary, the right side shows the same landscape but as a canine would see it. A dog’s vision is more specialized to see in the dark, similar to a night vision camera, and they are unable to see the spectrum of red. In this case, a normal daylight scenery appears dark and dusk-like for dogs compared to a human’s bright visible colour spectrum.


“Formulates Beauty” by Olivia Companion

I created a piece of art that shows the intersection of makeup art and cosmetic formulation chemistry. I wanted to emphasize that we would not have makeup artistry without formulation chemists working to mass produce cosmetics. To show this I wanted to draw a woman wearing makeup to show the art side of makeup. Behind her I wanted to show the “behind the scenes”, the part of the cosmetic industry many don’t think about. I wanted to break up the pencil so I made a colored collage showing all the science put into creating beauty – a very popular form of art.

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