Alexia Lima

Published Spring 2020

Every effort I made at conversation

Brought the revelation of a new man

And every morning, I dreamt of a life where

Adoration shielded me.


You told me stories of my childhood

How I would pick tomatoes in the garden

And laugh so hard I began to cry,

The grass tickling at my toes.

You told me about our visit to the beach

That lucky summer, tumbling in the sand

Waves beating against the rocks

Enveloping me in quiet air.


I always wondered what you wanted

Although it was beyond my comprehension

Your complexity,

Masked by stupidity.


Did it hurt at first?

The sun blinding me through the crack in the window

The small plants: mercurial now

(a reflection of who is most worthy)


Lemonade and arsenic flow through the veins of what must be

I am no longer in need of mending, so I deny your calls

A numbness so distinct. I lie, paralyzed in the sun.

You embody something I could never be.


Alexia is in Honours Arts, English Literature and Rhetoric, First Year (1B as of Spring 2020).