second hand smoke

Ritwik Dhandhi


I spent my nights looking at dreams made out of plastic

And couldn’t help but watch them fall apart

I spend my days trying for honest but being sarcastic

And took my demons and made them into art


Unwise Angels, Mistaken

Letting the devil take the decision

Broken Wings, Raven

Looking for fake restitution


When one of these days, our love turns into flames

I’ll bury my broken heart, waiting for you in this place


I cut off all my friends for months on ends

And I breathe secondhand smoke every day

When I feel empty I smile and I pretend

Like I am playing a part in someone’s play


Longing, Careless Infatuation

Letting myself burn for a stranger

Glitchy, Blurred observation

Ignoring signs of danger


Not understanding why it hurts when I am reminiscing

When my eyes were open every time I was kissing


They say I have way too many friends but I feel so alone

I never get high then why do I feel so low

Something in me still burns and tells me to be strong

Everything doesn’t shine or sparkle, some things glow


Re-imagine, Icarus Falls

Breakdown these walls

Lost, Unmined Gold

What the future holds


Clear out this smoke and wait for what’s in store

What if I truly love it and it loves me more ~




You can view more of Dhandhi’s work on their website.