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Poetry & Prose

“I Deactivated my Facebook Account” by Sylvana Poon

I Deactivated My Facebook Account Sylvana Poon Published Spring 2020 ` I’m deactivating my Facebook account— and let me tell you why. I’m weary of all these imbeciles imposing their lives onto mine.   With their ostentatious jamborees. Clink! Pictures of glasses overflowing with bubbles, like [...]

Diamond Promises

Diamond Promises by Khadeeja Sajid My Dear, “I promise I’ll change,” is a diamond promise. And I wonder if you know that diamonds can be found in abundance. There are many myths about diamonds: that they are the most valuable gem; that they are precious, rare; [...]


Wildflowers by Rachel Hannusch It’s early spring, And life is starting to return. Ever so slowly, I watch it grow. I can smell rain in the air, As things start to thaw, And everywhere you step, Wildflowers bloom.

The Ramblings of Father Time

The Ramblings of Father Time by Abbas Safdari Woe to those who waste me For it will only destroy thee remember do not forget, see for I am Father Time. Believe they, in abundance, have me others just cannot afford me I come for all in [...]

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Visual Arts

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Short Stories

Confessions of A Creative Woman

Confessions of a Creative Woman by Tasnia Nasar It’s the top skill discussed in an interview, the ability most highlighted in my resume, and the characteristic I’m most known for by my friends and family. I laugh at my own Instagram captions and marvel at how witty my tweets are. I take an extra 20 minutes to make my meals look presentable only to eat it a few seconds later. The stationary section at Chapters is like my Disneyland and overpriced lattes are my chardonnay. If I just told your life story, you my friend, are creative. We’re often misunderstood. We’re often ‘self-employed’. But we’re also a lot of other things. So it’s time I sat down and confessed why we are– the way we are. Our life is an organized chaos I have a laptop case in my purse without a laptop in it. I have a wallet too, but my debit and credit cards are usually in the side pockets. When I’m hungry, I indulge in the smell of gum wrappers and dig through to find a few tangerines…at least that’s what they used to be.  Give me a ring while my phone is in [...]

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