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Poetry & Prose


Perception by Varun Batta Always thinking against it Despite all the praise Always thinking otherwise No matter what they all say Receiving compliments all the time Searching for the flaws I perceive Listening to them with a thankful smile Yet never will I actually believe These thoughts [...]

A Stranger’s Summer

A Stranger’s Summer by Jacob Kechichian It was the first summer night of the season. I stood against the railing on my balcony and gazed upon the small city. Faint sounds of laughter and music flowed through the air and the soft warm breeze kissed my [...]

Beautiful Stranger by Ritwik Dhandhi

Those dark brown eyes and wavy hair look so fine You wear oversized sweatshirts and tight blue jeans And you have a necklace with a cross in it   ​You say my smile lights up the room but it's yours The way you text when you’re drunk or green And [...]

“She Put Herself on Fire” by Shruti Bagmar

She made you smile when you were at your worst, Gave you hope when you thought your life was cursed. She helped you get out of panic attacks at 3 in the night , And became the judge every time you and your conscience had a fight. She was a [...]

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Visual Arts

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Short Stories

One Dance

One Dance She’s fucking Alexander, Theo reminded himself. He was standing by the bar, waiting to order a rye and coke. His gaze was directed towards the dance floor where he spotted Lily and Emma in the crowd. The rest of the crew seemed to have disappeared into the pulsing array of flesh, the other guys each on their own personal mission to get some. Usually, Theo would be on his own personal mission to get some, but whenever Lily came out with them, he couldn’t help but not care. For some reason, he just wanted to be around her. He didn’t want to think about it too deeply beyond that and he made sure to remind himself every now and then that she was sleeping with one of his closest friends. Theo finally inched his way to the front of the line. The busty bartender gave him a sultry smile and asked, “What can I get for you, sweetie?” “I’ll have a shot of whiskey and rye and coke...make it a double,” Theo replied. She punched in his order on the register. She poured the shot of whiskey and handed it to him. He took the shot [...]

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