by Varun Batta

Just a moment, a sight, a thought
Of just one person, one feeling, one dream
Always leads to a physical reaction
In core muscles throughout my being

Da‐dum, Da‐dum, Da‐dum, Da‐dum
Heart is beating normally, until I view
Just a few letters change beating to racing
When the origin of those letters is my darling, you

Just a wait, a stay, a longing
For just one event, one time, one instant
Always seems to take forever
Time just passing, seeming distant

Tick‐tock, Tick‐tock, Tick‐tock, Tick‐tock
The clock is bidding the moments adieu
Moments last forever, they never fade
When they are the moments I share with my dearest, you

Just a check, a swipe, a peek
To see one source, one view, one block
Always I am sending and receiving
Just a few words, to reply and talk

Da‐ding, Da‐ding, Da‐ding, Da‐ding
Notifications continue to come anew
Only one of which curves my lips
When from the love of my life, you