If I Should by Chance

Fumbi Dabiri

Published Spring 2020


If I should by chance

Embrace all I should

Not too much or too little

But just enough

Will I then be satisfied?

Will this thirst then be quenched?

Will my soul no longer yearn for more?

If I should by chance

Listen to all the hate that

I have so come to withstand

All along

Will I be able to look past them?

Will my fragile heart be hardened already?

Will I seek the vengeance I long for or strive for peace?

If I should by chance

Limit myself and keep silent

About what constitutes as normal

In the world now

Will I be part of the problem?

Will I be eaten alive by the guilt and injustice?

Will I ultimately become the very thing which I loathe?

If I should by chance

Change about myself

What society deems admissible

And acceptable

Will I be able to truly face my reflection?

Will I just be a mindless puppet that seemingly seeks to please the majority?

Will I lose myself?

If I should by chance,

Shut myself from all the hurt

And all the depressive thoughts

I am constantly bridled with

Will I finally be able to see life anew?

Will I give myself the strength to get rid of them?

Will it be another chapter that is left unwritten and eventually unread?

If I should by chance

End this poem here and now

Nothing more than I initially


Will you be annoyed or happy?

Will you be intrigued or displeased?

Will you want more or not? I leave it to you.


Dabiri is in their 3B term of Psychology. Their statement on this piece is as follows:

“This poem represents how actions can be seen in different perspectives and how each action can have different rippling effects on an individual’s mind.”