Here Lies Gaia

By Cyrus Fiori

The breeze blows by, caressing

ashes of yesteryear,

Witches’ brooms

could fan these fumes

from coast to coast to coast,

As cold hands

dredged the topsoil,

she pushed up daisies

to fly in our faces,

Surrender should

suffice as serendipity

instead she succumbed to

sempiternal senescence,

Irked, she cried

“Out, damned spot!”

But to Gaia’s dismay,

we were wearing sheep’s


One wolf with

feet never grounded,

smoked cigarettes the size of houses,

with seven billion mouths to nosh

our mothers’ children,

and two trillion teeth to grind

her bones

And so,

the big bad wolf ate

the world.


as the saying goes;

“the world is not


And while her sisters slept soundly

in their starry blanket

the cold hands reached

for them.