by Amy Zi Xuan Liou

It’s like time neither stood still

Nor sped forward with urge,

When your hearts are wholesome and warm

But too fragile for goodbye words,

Bold and injured.

These bodies tangle as they should,

We do what two young humans do

When they lean in closer to the soul

That stirs beneath me, beneath you,

Make me your pursuit.

There was no room for excessive fear,

In the moment, we were willing to give,

Receiving hugs, kisses and heaven,

But ask me to commit

And I would run from all of this.

Because my father was noble and brave,

And my mother has never felt the agony

Of losing your first true love,

When you were swept off your feet,

With the most heartless ending.

So we don’t look for new beginnings,

We seek no means to an end,

Just the sway of my hips and the comfort of his chest,

When he’s a special kind of friend

On the weekends.

A friend.