by Varun Batta

There are many ways to arrive
Whether plane, train, boat, or car
Always a journey you will never forget
Truly redefining who you are

Many different reasons one has
To explore, to learn and to grow
Truly a once in a lifetime experience
No matter the reason you may go

Making friends from all over the world
Learning about cultures that differ
Friends that will be yours for a lifetime
Distance between cut down to just a sliver

A time that is filled with plenty of merriment
Moments that you want never to end
And yet eventually you find yourself leaving
Wishing very much that this could extend

Departing is not just leaving the country
But forever ending a part of your life
Going back to the land you left
Cutting away everything with a knife

Forever you will remember this time
And reminisce about this time estranged
Never will you regret it, for it is truly
A wonderful time and experience, your exchange