Demons at the Gate

Ashu M. G. Solo


Anil didn’t want to cross the border into Canada

Because of crime,

Not crime committed within Canada,

But crime committed at the gate to Canada,

Not crime committed by ordinary criminals,

But crime committed by criminal border guards,

Those people meant to enforce the law,

But who instead have become above the law.


They stop, hassle, and search anyone

Who fits their prejudices, biases, and stereotypes;

They rarely search old white females

And frequently search young black and brown males.


Then acting just like little children

Going trick-or-treating on Halloween

While dressed up as border guards,

But with real guns at their sides,

They carry sacks full of fabricated charges

To empty on anyone they don’t like,

So Halloween becomes Devil’s Night

For what’s a trick on Anil is a treat to them.


It’s not that Anil is scared of them,

But he’s better than them

And doesn’t want to waste his time

Fighting demons at the gate.