Bulbul by Yousuf O. Ramahi

O! Clouded passion sings,
upon skirts of woven faith,
the only true night brings,
devilry to a guarded gate!
Sing, ye of olden dew,
your minstrel leaves a yearning place,
your steps reluctant- follow through!
Self-sacrifice your noble jest?,
your filial bond seeks respite,
summon from the depth of your chest,
your longing, and suddenly the mountain quivers with your might!
Go, quietly, suppose no observer seen,
and treat softly into the night!


Ramahi is entering into their 4th year of Life Physics, with their specialization in Biophysics.

In a moment of flurried ecstasy, the sword struck my page, the inexorable flow of the Karakash.” cites Ramahi in regards to their piece.