Bootlicking Monarchists

Ashu M. G. Solo

Published Spring 2020


Monarchists are consumed by bigotry

               Against anyone who isn’t from the royal family;

Monarchists think the head of state must be royalty

               And everyone else must genuflect with servility;

Monarchists don’t believe in equity or even equality

               For everyone in society;

Monarchists force people with honor, self-worth, and dignity

               To swear allegiance to the monarchy;

Monarchists force people who come from countries savagely subjugated by the monarchy

               To swear allegiance to the monarchy;

Monarchists don’t care that the British empire under its monarchy

               Murdered more people than the Nazis;

Monarchists have no honor, self-respect, or dignity,

               So they bootlick royalty;

Monarchists sing for the monarchy

               To reign over them and their country;

Monarchists drain the treasury

               To be toadies to royalty;

Monarchists want taxes that could go to fighting poverty

               To go to royals to live in luxury;

Monarchists name much of their community

               After their beloved royalty;

Monarchists place symbols of monarchy

               All over society;

Monarchists put pictures of royalty

               On stamps and the money;

Monarchists give honorary military appointments to royalty

               Without any sacrifice for liberty;

Monarchists gather for royalty

               To worship nothing but heredity;

Monarchists use deferential titles and bow for royalty

               To show their fealty;

Monarchists prefer living in inferiority

               Over fighting for liberty;

Monarchists want to live in servility to monarchy

Because they are bootlickers, lickspittles, minions, myrmidons, sycophants, and toadies.

Solo is a University of Waterloo Engineering alumnus.