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Mendelian Rhapsody by Manav Shukla

Is it a chance trait? Is it hereditary?
Germ line cells modified, changing the pedigree
Genes are transcribed and Phentoypes can be seen…
May make your muscles strong or may cause atrophy
Because mutations are easy come, easy go, base pair shift or transverse flow
Follow where the gene goes, Punnett made it his hobby, hobby.

[Verse 1]
Mendel, just killed a myth,
“Both sexes contribute equally to sex” did reciprocal crosses to prove what was in his head,
Mendel’s work had just begun
But Darwin would publish his stuff and took all praise away…
Your genotype didn’t want to make you sly,
And no one could separate Morgan and his fly

This song is based on Genetics and some of the prominent workers who influenced the field. The is
based on the template of the song Bohemian

Mendelian Rhapsody by Manav Shukla2020-05-17T18:34:11-04:00

The Little Lonely Cell by Jonathan Yang

There once was a cell that was all on its own.
There was no one around and it felt so alone.
With no one around it could do nothing but cry.
That’s when one day he gave a big sigh.
He said “No longer will I hide and run”.
“It’s time for me to have some fun”.
“There’s no time for me to be a monger”.
“I’ll take this time to be stronger”.
So the little cell trained and trained.
And strength is what he gained.
Day and night without rest.
He put his dedication to the test.
In the end he grew big and strong
But one day he grew big and something was wrong.
He felt insides to growl and rumble.
His DNA start to bumble.
His DNA began to double.

His DNA all in a bubble.
He felt his chromosomes all lined up.
And at this moment he wanted to give up.
But he wasn’t going to give up without a fight.
So he held on with all of his might.
He felt himself beginning to split.
It was okay because he became so fit.
Then all of a sudden he began to divide.
Then all of a sudden the pain started to subside.
He opened his eyes and was caught to his surprise.
He looked up and he could not believe his eyes.
A second little cell stood in front of his face.
No longer will he need to complete his chase.
His lonely days will fall without a miss.
This is all thanks to mitosis.

The Little Lonely Cell by Jonathan Yang2020-05-17T18:29:43-04:00

Science Rhyme Times by Sasha Mohindra

(In the tune of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’)

Chemistry Rhyme Time

Breaking bonds absorbs energy energy energy
Breaking bonds needs energy
but forming bonds releases it!

Exo thermic reac-tions, reac-tions, reac-tions,
Release energy to surroundings
From the given system!

Endo thermic reac-tions, react-ions, react-ions,
Absorb energy from surroundings
Into the given system!

Pharmacist’s Rhyme Time

End in ‘-statin’ treats high cholesterol,
Acetaminophen for a little pain,
end in ‘pril for high blood pressure,
But for Amoxicillin use special measures,
Its an antibiotic Penicillin’s the name,

Headache, migraine have some ‘-Triptan’,
Diabetes use that ‘-gliptin’,
Metaform sugar sugar,
Morphine for to much pain,
Felling gloomy? ‘-zondone’ brightens,
End in ‘-thyroxin’ treat hypothyroidism,
End in ‘-Trel’ for only female,
Its a hormone not for males,
These are all important drugs;
Remember endings, don’t mix them up!

Science Rhyme Times by Sasha Mohindra2020-05-17T18:27:57-04:00

Overnight Misery by Iman Mir

Overnight Misery

By Iman Mir

Overnight Misery by Iman Mir2020-04-29T15:44:07-04:00

A series of limericks by Holden Little

A series of limericks

By Holden Little

A series of limericks by Holden Little2020-04-17T18:03:50-04:00

“Ratios” Meagan Taylor


By Meagan Taylor

“Ratios” Meagan Taylor2020-04-17T18:16:48-04:00

A Dark Sea by Anonymous

A Dark Sea

By Anonymous

A Dark Sea by Anonymous2020-05-17T18:36:24-04:00

Society’s Disability

Society’s Disability

By Ashu M. G. Solo

Society’s Disability2020-03-04T16:46:54-05:00

Why Don’t You

Why Don’t You

Jess Van De Kemp

Why Don’t You2020-04-29T15:36:47-04:00

enlightenment / tinderella’s lament / nihilist love song

enlightenment / tinderella’s lament / nihilist love song

enlightenment / tinderella’s lament / nihilist love song2020-02-28T13:45:46-05:00
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