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“Fire in the Mind’s Eye” by Ashu M. G. Solo

While he suffers through the drudgery of life,

A brilliant blaze lights his mind’s eye

And sparks new ideas

And advances in R&D

To make the world glow.


This creative inferno never burns out,

But memories can smolder,

So he casts aside all distractions of work

And scrambles for his computer

To burn his ideas and advances onto DVD

Before they die away into ashes.

“Fire in the Mind’s Eye” by Ashu M. G. Solo2020-05-21T16:44:46-04:00

“Best Friend” by Shruti Bagmar

I looked back on the day when I met you,

We somehow felt the connection  out of the blue,

Thank god we became close in a bit,

Eventually, you become my advisor and happiness kit,

I hope you come along, wherever I go,

To bear my drama and the tantrums which I throw,

You’ve bore so much with patience and understanding,

To overcome more problems that’ll come in your way, by your side, I’ll be standing,

Your lamest jokes make me die with laughter,

You’ll be my first and the last best friend, no one before, no one after

“Best Friend” by Shruti Bagmar2020-05-21T16:41:56-04:00

“A Peek into a Girl’s Life” by Shruti Bagmar

-describing an event in reverse-


Clouds of misery and despair in her head

She lay down, motionless, on her death bed.

Unstoppable tears flowed from her eyes every second,

And she persistently tried to forget what happened.

She knew her clothes weren’t the reason for this demonic result,

If anyone touched her now, she feared and repulsed with disgust.

She didn’t even give any ‘signals’ as coward men say in their defence,

Men say that ladies were ‘asking for it’ so that their act doesn’t look like an offence.

Her only fault was that she went out when the moon was shining bright at late night

Roads all lonely, no human in her sight.

She wasn’t home because it was a very special day-

Her boyfriend asked her to marry him

And now after this, she didn’t know what to say. 

“A Peek into a Girl’s Life” by Shruti Bagmar2020-05-21T16:40:38-04:00

“A Place Where I Belong” by Shruti Bagmar

I fail to understand every time I am here 

Why am I so lost and empty

So tangled in this space around me

I want to let go of this

I beg someone, please let me free.


Home is where you feel warm

Surrounded by someone you can count on

Then why do I find myself disappearing-

In this hollow hell, 

Why do I see myself talking to my stars, 

Blaming them for tearing me apart


Into some peaceful place lies my dream

Where I can be me, and that’ll be okay.

Where someone believes I have the magic,

The magic that now seems to go away.

Why should I be the object that’s there to compare

I don’t want to be the same person you need to bear.


Can’t for once, I be the person without flaws 

For once, the person who does it right,

I am tired of being shaped the way you like.

I’ve been moulded too many times.

With more pressure, it’ll hurt me,

More than you already hurt me,

Maybe the most you’d ever be able to.

The more you force me to follow your ways,

The reason I’ll leave you will always be a daze.

“A Place Where I Belong” by Shruti Bagmar2020-05-21T16:38:04-04:00

“She Put Herself on Fire” by Shruti Bagmar

She made you smile when you were at your worst,

Gave you hope when you thought your life was cursed.

She helped you get out of panic attacks at 3 in the night ,

And became the judge every time you and your conscience had a fight.

She was a rainbow and you were colourblind,

She’ll act like she doesn’t care, but you’ll always be on her mind.

She put you before herself, made you a priority.

You just hurt her in return and led her to anxiety.

She put herself on fire to keep you warm,

You might not realize her worth even when she’s gone.

“She Put Herself on Fire” by Shruti Bagmar2020-05-21T16:37:05-04:00

“If Memories Could Write Back to Me” by Shruti Bagmar

You see a girl, young and chubby,

Dressed in pink,

Trembling when she walked,

Taking her first steps,

Somewhat with confidence,

As she had her dad’s hand caught.


You see a toddler, running around in the house,

With different shades of crayons,

In her hands and in her pockets,

Wearing a white tee,

All coloured by herself,

Sprinting to show it to her mom.


You also see a 6 year old,

Bubbly and naughty.

Family’s favourite,

Fancying barbies,

And taller than her brother,

Who now calls her ‘shortie’.


I paint an image of a girl,

Shy and somewhat introvert,

Who was moral when she turned 14,

Gazing out of the window,

Looking at the beautiful nature,

Doodling in her dreams.


A grown up adult, 

With an endearing smile,

Lived through the best phases of her life.

Holding two families together,

Now, more responsible.

Sneaking into her memories,

One hot afternoon,

Thinking that if her memories could write back to her,

What would it be?

Would it be about every person in her life,

Or would it be only herself and her family?



“If Memories Could Write Back to Me” by Shruti Bagmar2020-05-21T16:34:21-04:00

His Heart by Ritwik Dhandhi

Read the news, they are reporting on something new

But all I can think about is you

They say go home, stay inside from golden till blue

But I don’t want to go home without you


You are a good person to someone else now

And when the world stops when they take me out

I hope you shed a tear or two


You signed up for this when you kissed an artist and broke his heart

You signed up for this when you left me in the dark


When you see me, I will be wearing something new

But I will always be the same for you

When you say your vows, I hope you love him

But I hope you remember us


We could have had the stars but it’s too late

I find ways to be without you

I miss you but I stopped needing you


You signed up for this when you kissed an artist and broke his heart

You signed up for this when you left me in the dark


I go home to myself, and on the way I buy myself flowers

Because all along I found my true love

The only love that will stay with me forever

And right now I stand in front of the mirror and look at him ~




You can view more of Dhandhi’s work on their website.

His Heart by Ritwik Dhandhi2020-05-21T16:30:18-04:00

Beautiful Stranger by Ritwik Dhandhi

Those dark brown eyes and wavy hair look so fine

You wear oversized sweatshirts and tight blue jeans

And you have a necklace with a cross in it


​You say my smile lights up the room but it’s yours

The way you text when you’re drunk or green

And you have this big heart of gold


No, don’t leave in this endless summer afternoon

I know you are scared but I am too

Yeah, you can go ahead and play your games

I love them and I know you love them too


I put band aids on my heart, but band aids didn’t fix things that shatter

Your voice I heard, and that sound finally made it better

Lying in my bed, thinking why I love you so much more

All my life I have been looking for a beautiful stranger to fall for


Playing my favorite songs when you’re driving in the car

Dancing to your beats and three shot of tequila in the bar

And I pause to cherish this


No, don’t blame me if we slow down

I am a little scared of these paper towns

Yeah, just be patient while I get used to you

I love the wait and I know you love it too


I put bandaids on my heart, but band aids didn’t fix things that shatter

Your voice I heard, and that sound finally made it better

Lying in my bed, thinking why I love you so much more

All my life I have been looking for a beautiful stranger to fall for


Light all these candles and come sit next to me

Let’s look up and think of the starlight you see

I wake up in your arms, not a dream anymore

What if you are the beautiful stranger to fall for ~




You can view more of Dhandhi’s work on their website.

Beautiful Stranger by Ritwik Dhandhi2020-05-21T16:25:21-04:00

Second-hand Smoke by Ritwik Dhandhi

I spent my nights looking at dreams made out of plastic

And couldn’t help but watch them fall apart

I spend my days trying for honest but being sarcastic

And took my demons and made them into art


Unwise Angels, Mistaken

Letting the devil take the decision

Broken Wings, Raven

Looking for fake restitution


When one of these days, our love turns into flames

I’ll bury my broken heart, waiting for you in this place


I cut off all my friends for months on ends

And I breathe secondhand smoke every day

When I feel empty I smile and I pretend

Like I am playing a part in someone’s play


Longing, Careless Infatuation

Letting myself burn for a stranger

Glitchy, Blurred observation

Ignoring signs of danger


Not understanding why it hurts when I am reminiscing

When my eyes were open every time I was kissing


They say I have way too many friends but I feel so alone

I never get high then why do I feel so low

Something in me still burns and tells me to be strong

Everything doesn’t shine or sparkle, some things glow


Re-imagine, Icarus Falls

Breakdown these walls

Lost, Unmined Gold

What the future holds


Clear out this smoke and wait for what’s in store

What if I truly love it and it loves me more ~




You can view more of Dhandhi’s work on their website.

Second-hand Smoke by Ritwik Dhandhi2020-05-21T16:23:16-04:00

Bulbul by Yousuf O. Ramahi

Bulbul by Yousuf O. Ramahi

O! Clouded passion sings,
upon skirts of woven faith,
the only true night brings,
devilry to a guarded gate!
Sing, ye of olden dew,
your minstrel leaves a yearning place,
your steps reluctant- follow through!
Self-sacrifice your noble jest?,
your filial bond seeks respite,
summon from the depth of your chest,
your longing, and suddenly the mountain quivers with your might!
Go, quietly, suppose no observer seen,
and treat softly into the night!


Ramahi is entering into their 4th year of Life Physics, with their specialization in Biophysics.

In a moment of flurried ecstasy, the sword struck my page, the inexorable flow of the Karakash.” cites Ramahi in regards to their piece.

Bulbul by Yousuf O. Ramahi2020-05-21T16:42:45-04:00
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