by Amy Zi-Xuan Liou

She dwelled on a lower frequency.

Tuned into the media and heard the voices of crying children. She couldn’t sleep.

The remorse replayed over and over like a haunted serenade.

She took her moody attitude to work the next day.

At night she glared at the excess fat hanging from her waist.

Pretended like somehow it would fly away.

Her reputation fell like a shooting star once so dazzling,

And her parents couldn’t understand the way she was acting.

Then it was screaming inside out with no control,

And a wave of confusion followed by intervals of sorrow.

She looked up into the sky and cried to understand the truth.`

And the universe offered no pleasure,

Because she only gave whatever resonated in her.

So when she began tuning to a higher frequency

Her misery and fears grew feathers and were set free.

The world flourished with life and love to all,

At work she didn’t miss a single call.

Laughing with her friends and surely having fun,

Got home and went on a run.

Now there’s no more restricting calories.

She anticipates the life tomorrow brings.

So at night by her window she felt an overwhelming wave of hope

And her cheeks radiated an effortless glow..

For the universe smiled at the child she could never hurt,

She would forever give her whatever resonated in her.