A Poem for Peace

by Jean-Pierre de Levay

A playful boy
In the cover of the Iron Dome
His youth unleashed unto legos and cars
And, yet, his sister with no such toys
Here, where Arabic glides in the air
In tears subdued
Her father no longer there
Her mother’s heart shattered beyond repair
Her neighbors fleeing the wickedness of this hell
The screeching sirens chaotically continue
Thrusting the devil’s command of hissing missiles
The yells of innocence hastily echo on shell-shocked cheeks
That peace that once was, has stormed away
Her diluted pupils a fearless pain avow
Sculpted in the somber edges of her eyelashes
Her brother from across the ungodly divide
The motion of his toy cars stops
Up, he stands, grasping ferociously his heart
Ready to hold in place the dying cosmos
To his loving mother, he charges
Asking but what had happened?
As if to hear a tragedy of stellar gravity
But the monotonous, ghostly words
“Nothing new, son”
The only fading reply