I fail to understand every time I am here 

Why am I so lost and empty

So tangled in this space around me

I want to let go of this

I beg someone, please let me free.


Home is where you feel warm

Surrounded by someone you can count on

Then why do I find myself disappearing-

In this hollow hell, 

Why do I see myself talking to my stars, 

Blaming them for tearing me apart


Into some peaceful place lies my dream

Where I can be me, and that’ll be okay.

Where someone believes I have the magic,

The magic that now seems to go away.

Why should I be the object that’s there to compare

I don’t want to be the same person you need to bear.


Can’t for once, I be the person without flaws 

For once, the person who does it right,

I am tired of being shaped the way you like.

I’ve been moulded too many times.

With more pressure, it’ll hurt me,

More than you already hurt me,

Maybe the most you’d ever be able to.

The more you force me to follow your ways,

The reason I’ll leave you will always be a daze.