A Collection of 5am Strolls Down My Street

by Alina Sewani


You hear the birds before you see the sun.

They never seem to stop singing,

Calling you outside to marvel at the world.

A cloud of them fly off as you walk underneath a tree;

Still singing, always singing,

Despite the light rain falling.

So light it’s almost a mist,

Droplets slowly collecting on your skin.

Almost like a light sheen of sweat,

Catching on eyelashes and misting glasses.

You can taste the rainfall in your breath

As the scent of damp earth begins to rise around you.

It heads to the sky,

Just beginning to lighten with the rising of the sun

It’s asking you to stay, to wait,

To start the day with a slow sunrise,

To soak in the rain,

And listen to the music of the birds.

But instead you go inside,

To catch a few precious hours of sleep.